High-tech and high confidentiality research and test centre for the automotive industry


Turbocharger Test Centre
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Created in 2000, CRITT M2A is an independent research centre set on over 9.000 sqm, considered as a major player in testing and R&D services.

Organized into 4 technical activites, CRITT M2A represents an investment of more than € 40 million:

  • an engine department (7 test beds)
  • a NVH department (reverberating rooms, semi-anechoic chamber, ...)
  • a turbocharger department (5 test cells)
  • a test centre around the electrical vehicle (C2E)

CRITT M2A offers its expertise and provide high-technology test means to the automotive actors, performing tests and engineering services. WIth its R&D activity, CRITT M2A has developped strong skills recognized in France and worldwide as well as serveral public and academic partnerships of excellence.