About us

Partner for the energy transition, CRITT M2A is an independent research center set on over 10.000 sqm, considered as a major player in testing and R&D.


For more than 20  years, CRITT M2A has offered its know-how to mobility players through high-tech test means. At the heart of optimizing energy management, the skills of CRITT M2A are organized into 4 major activities :

From its early years, CRITT M2A has been recognized for its engine testing and vibroacoustic testing activities. In 2009, it offered international visibility with its turbocharger testing center and thus completed its service offering to meet the needs of automobile manufacturers.

At the cutting edge of the latest technologies, CRITT M2A anticipates the energy transition and develops new skills in the electrification of vehicles. Since 2014, it has invested nearly € 20 million to support its clients in their developments around the management of energy storage or the electric powertrain. In 2015, it opened its battery testing center for electric and hybrid vehicles.

CRITT M2A's services now range from battery testing to their approval for marketing. Today, CRITT M2A has become a major player in electric mobility and continues to accelerate by consolidating its development in battery testing with new projects and investments (abuse test bench, battery recycling, training, etc.)

Concerning the Powertrain testing departement, CRITT M2A is now working on optimizing the overall powertrain thanks to its multimachine test bench, which is unique in Europe in terms of its power, which makes it possible to test an entire vehicle, whatever its engine, electric or hybrid.

On the strength of its R&D activity, CRITT M2A has developed solid skills recognized in France and internationally, as well as numerous excellent public and academic partnerships.
In a rapidly changing sector, the CRITT M2A brings its R&D brick to an ever more efficient, economical and ecological car.