R&D is at the heart of the CRITT M2A strategy. Innovation is upmost important in the current context where the respect of the environment is a major challenge for the automotive industry which is always developping.

Each year, CRITT M2A reinvests 20% of its turnover in R&D activities.

At the crossroads of economical, environmental and performance evolution, the CRITT M2A is always innovating and focuses all its efforts to become a center of excellence worldwide recognized. Research is focused on reducing CO2 emissions and consumption while maintaining driving pleasure.

Partnerships have been established with industry people and universities recognized internationally. Collaboration and sharing with other test centres enable to boost synergies and projects efficiency. CRITT M2A became an active member of the FVV assocation in 2013.

CRITT M2A is constantly attentive to the latest technologies and ensure a technological watch to provide its customers with solutions fitted to their new needs.

Research activities are built as projects. These activities can be realized in short time periods or may lead to European projects with different partners and more significant budgets.

Dissemination of information and commitments of Research projects don't have impact on confidentiality.


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