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CRITT M2A runs several outstanding NVH test facilities that are complementary to each other.

Thanks to its close partnerships with experts, our centre provides a large range of measures, tests and solutions.

Acoustics Services :

CRITT M2A performs sound measurements both in reverberating rooms and a semi-anechoic chamber (background noise: 15 db). Our centre gives access to additional efficient equipment to handle further studies: 120 microphones holographic array, binaural head, ...

We also carry out tests in a full anechoic powertrain bench (background noise: 17 db) and on a 900 meters long noise test track.

Vibrations services :

CRITT M2A performs numerous vibration analysis with electrodynamic shakers from 5 kN to 53 kN, an impact hammer, accelerometers, laser vibrometer, ...

The different studies we achieved made CRITT M2A become one of the major actors in NVH Research & Development programs (REVA, CISIT, ...).

Acoustic Services

Vibrations Services