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While guaranteeing confidentiality from start to finish, our teams work hand-in-hand with yours to meet the most demanding modelling, testing and analysis needs.

We offer a wide range of engine development tests, including steady-state and driving-cycle energy efficiency studies (engine calibration and analysis), powertrain noise studies in an anechoic chamber, and tuning and durability tests covering vibration analysis, endurance cycles and thermal shock.

Our secure independent test cells controlled by Puma Open and Morphée automation platforms are ideal for testing engines up to 300 kW and 900 Nm. Tests can be performed using up to ten different fuels, including biofuels, with one cell specifically for LPG and CNG engines.

We are also happy to quote for cell reconfiguration and test protocols to your specifications. For clients developing engine control hardware and software, our services include system demonstrators.