To prepare the future and intensify its development in France and in Europe, CRITT M2A is developing new skills in the electrification of vehicles around an important range of test means.

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The electrical testing centre at CRITT M2A will enable to consider and characterize the behaviour of energy storage systems used in automotive, railway and aeronautic industries.

In addition to high performances in terms of dynamic and precision, our test systems incorporate features such as Ripple simulation, Battery Management System (BMS) or impedance spectroscopy.

Performant testing facilities and rigorous traceability enable CRITT M2A to provide high value-added services. In 2017, CRITT M2A will be equipped with Full 4WD Vehicle with test bed, compatible with all propulsion systems, e-turbo test bench in full anechoic room and battery pack benches to meet the customers’ needs and stay at the cutting edge of technology.





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