• 4 dynamic test beds for engine development testing, up to 238 kW and 525 N.m
    • 2 test beds with test cell temperature regulation
    • 1 test bed with required safety functions for LPG and CNG engine testing
  • 2 static test beds for engine durability testing, up to 300 kW and 910 N.m
  • 1 acoustic test bed for powertrain in a fully anechoic test cell, 300 kW and 1400 N.m
  • Combustion air : Independent controls of temperature and humidity in each test cell
  • Fuels : 10 different feed lines, total storage capacity of 74 000 litres. Fully compatible with Flex Fuel (Ethanol)
  • LPG : 1 line, 2 000 litres capacity ; CNG: tank unit up to 206 m3.


  • Exhaust gas analysis Horiba MEXA 7400 HEGR
  • Particulate matter emissions (Smokemeter AVL 415S, Opacimeter AVL 439)
  • Fuel consumption (Balance AVL 733S, Coriolis flowmeter FEV FuelRate)
  • Intake air mass flow AVL FSA
  • Blow-by AVL 442
  • In-cylinder pressure and combustion analysis AVL IndiModul or D2T Osiris


  • AVL InMotion: Engine test within a virtual driving environment via HIL technique
  • Engine inlet coolant temperature control module (temperature control between -30 and 120°C in steady-state operation, thermal shock from 90 to -30°C in less than 2 minutes after engine shutdown)
  • Alternator and air-conditioning system loading modules


  • ECU connection with ETAS hardware
  • Hardware and software development opportunities with our partners